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Laser Clay Shooting

Newcastle Golf Centre Dublin is delighted to announce we now offer Laser Clay Shooting.

How Laser Clay Shooting works:
Shoot to thrill! Players fire authentic deactivated 12 gauge shotguns which are converted to fire harmless infra-red beams.

Up to five players can shoot at the same time. A clay is released by the operator. When a shooter scores a hit, the beam is reflected back to the gun and registers a “HIT” on the scoreboard. Hit the clay, get the points! Authentic sound effects enhance the experience.

The computerised scoreboard tallies up hits and allows several different forms of competition to take place, catering for all levels of expertise.

Laser Clay Shooting can cater for both small and large groups, and is great entertainment for team building, stag parties, hen parties, corporate days, sports clubs and more.


Booking is required.

Participants must be age 16 years or older due to the weight of the guns.

Lazer clay shooting
lazer clay shooting
lazer clay shooting