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Target DiscGolf – DiscGolf with a Twist!

Target DiscGolf – 3 Discs, 3 Targets, 1 Winner

Target DiscGolf offers a new type of challenge to individuals, families, groups, stags, hens, team building days and more. Also known as frisbee golf, disc golf has become popular as an alternative to regular golf.

According to Wikipedia ‘Disc Golf (often referred to as frisbee golf) is a flying disc game, as well as a precision and accuracy sport, in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target’. DiscGolf has gained increasing popularity throughout the world and Newcastle a Golf Centre is delighted to now offer Target DiscGolf.

Target DiscGolf can be played by any number of people. Each player is given 3 disc golf discs. In each round they choose what distance to throw the disc, with baskets allocated at different distances. The further you throw and successfully land the disc in the basket, the more points you score. It’s that simple!

However the beauty of the game is making the risk/reward decision – to take less points from a shorter distance or take on the challenge of a longer throw for maximum reward.

Using real disc golf discs and real disc golf target baskets means that both novice and experienced disc golfers will get a genuine experience of disc golf in a fun and entertaining activity – Target DiscGolf!

How to play:

The player throws their 3 discs in each round from whatever distance they choose. Points are awarded for each successful disc that lands in the basket and the player who scores the most points after 10 rounds wins the game.

Booking is required

DiscGolf at Newcastle Golf Centre
DiscGolf at Newcastle Golf Centre
DiscGolf at Newcastle Golf Centre